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Po polsku

Punctuation: [nbsp] [shy]

Specjal characters: £ ¢ ° ¹ ² ³ ® © ± × ÷ µ

Accented uppercase letters: Æ À É Ê Ï Œ

Accented lowercase letters æ à é ê ï œ

[nbsp] means non-braking space (a space that does not allow to wrap a line in its place), [shy] means soft hyphen (may be inserted in place of possible break of a very long string). In HTML and JavaScript they are usually entered as NCRs, entities and/or escaped sequences for better visibility.

All these characters exist in Windows-1252 encoding, however, most punctuation characters (except non-breaking space and soft hyphen), two special characters (€ and ™) and digraph œ do not exist in ISO-8859-1. Care must be taken not to enter these characters into a document that is going to be presented as encoded in ISO-8859-1.

Another keyboard for inserting vowels with macrons (used in Latvian and Māori).

More about ways to enter characters that are not on the keyboard another page on this site

Checked in the following browsers and operating systems:


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